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KE2 Therm products provide a solid return on investment, whether through energy savings with increased system efficiency, reduction in equipment loss due to precise control of superheat and alarming, reduction in product loss due to alerts and improved system control, or reduction in evaporator ice ups and unnecessary service call backs. The following testimonials and blog posts provide insight into the wide range of valuable benefits provided by KE2 Therm controllers. The ROI calculator provides an estimate of the potential energy savings that will be experienced on systems utilizing our adaptive refrigeration and defrost control, along with other energy saving features. In addition, the avoidance of product loss and lost sales due to a down cooler or freezer can easily provide an even larger payback, many times over.
 Before, (the KE2 Evaporator Efficiency) we have never been able to meet our goal temp during the summer months ... 
Patrick Williamson
Director, Purchasing & Distribution
St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis MO
 The KE2 controller reduces M&R by eliminating the service calls for de-icing the coils. I also like the fact that it is very visible – and that you can scroll the memory to see the history of what's happening with the cooler and freezer! And, it is doing fewer defrost cycles, defrosts that were not needed, thus, saving us more energy dollars. 
Joe Guzzo
Owner McDonald's, South Vancouver BC
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