KE2 SmartAccess –
Peace of Mind Refrigeration

Users have always had the ability to access KE2 Therm controllers’ built-in web pages to view real time system performance, adjust setpoints, review historical data, and analyze trends, both locally and remotely.

KE2 SmartAccess offers additional remote communication options to simplify access to multiple controllers from anywhere, anytime. KE2 SmartAccess provides the ability to remotely manage multiple controllers and sites from an easy-to-use dashboard hosted by KE2 Therm. The dashboard offers additional benefits such as email/text alerts, data logging, and more.

To begin, simply provide internet access to your KE2 Therm controllers or KE2-Edge Manager. Once enabled and internet access is available, KE2 SmartAccess automatically connects to the secure portal and is ready for you to login.

For more information on KE2 SmartAccess, please see the product page.

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